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The Aglaonema Silver Bay is one of the most well-known houseplants thanks to its striking green foliage and easy-going nature. Its large leaves are detailed with an icy green center flowing into dark and light green striped edges, retaining their color and pattern in even the lowest lighting conditions. These plants make the perfect housewarming gift as they are easy to care for and need only occasional watering.

Aglaonema Silver Bay

SKU: 202313
  • The Silver Bay Aglaonema is known for its handsome, matte silvery foliage outlined in rich, deep green. Because of their tolerance for a missed watering or two and the fact that they can be placed in low to indirect light, they are a perfect choice for new or on-the-go plant parents. This aglaonema is ready to accent your living room, office, or cozy study with little effort on your end.


    - All our plants come in growing pots.

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