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Whimsical and low-maintenance, with long, dark green and chartreuse striped leaves atop sturdy canes.

Dracaena Gold Star is an easy, low-maintenance indoor plant that will thrive and adapt in almost any environment. Plus, NASA lists it as an excellent plant for removing harmful chemicals from the air.

Dracaena Gold Star

SKU: 202308
  • The Dracaena Gold Star is highly adaptable and very easy to care for. They thrive on neglect, can adapt to low light conditions, and they do not like to be overwatered.  This, along with their size and upright growth, makes the Dracaena Gold Star a perfect plant for beginners who want a large, indoor plant in their home.  The tall narrow shape lends itself to a corner and smaller living spaces.


    - All our plants come in growing pots.

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