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Your Fiddle Leaf Fig has been grown with care by our trusted growers from seed to tree size for over a year. The Fiddle Leaf Fig can be the star of a room or stylish complement an already green space. Fiddle Leaf Figs need plenty of bright indirect light to continue to keep their iconic look.

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Fig Tree)

SKU: 202302
  • Big plants like these are hard to move around, to help you out, we’ve included a free saucer on wheels ($35 value) to easily move your plant around until you find the perfect spot. Moving around 60 lbs can be challenging, ask a friend for a hand if you think you will need help.

    Stunning, larger-than-life, bold, and tropical are all things that come to mind when one thinks of the classic Fiddle Leaf Fig. This ficus is known for its large glossy violin-shaped leaves displaying bold, intricate veins supported by a sturdy trunk that breathe life into any space. Known for being fussy, all this plant really needs is a permanent warm spot with plenty of filtered light, and you can watch it thrive for generations to come.


    - All our plants come in growing pots.

  • Store Pickup only.

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