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Known for it’s air purifying abilities and signature white flowers, the Peace Lily (or Spathiphyllum), is a forgiving low light specimen that will tell you when it’s thirsty! Just look for it’s tell-tale droop and make sure to water it a little sooner next time.

Peace Lily

SKU: 202300
  • The Peace Lily has been an iconic houseplant for decades thanks to its forgiving nature, vibrant glossy leaves, and symbolic white blooms. This plant’s large leaves will give any space a lush jungle feeling. The peace lily has come to symbolize prosperity, purity, peace, and sympathy, making it a perfect heartfelt gift. More likely to bloom in bright indirect light, this plant tolerates any level of indirect light, including low light.

    The Peace Lily is one of the most popular staple plants in the houseplant world. Its broad, deep green leaves bring a lush tropical vibe reminiscent of the jungles it comes from. The creamy white blooms are called spathes, which house tiny flowers. The rich white color of the spathes has come to signify peace, prosperity, and remembrance.


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