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A playful houseplant with umbrella-shaped leaf formations, the Variegated Schefflera is a must-have houseplant in your collection. Spotted with creamy yellows and deep greens, its compact shape, bold patterns, and easy-going nature means it’s a perfect beginner-friendly gift for a new plant parent. This plant enjoys low to bright indirect light and infrequent waterings. You can keep its leaves clean by dusting often.


SKU: 202315
  • The undemanding Variegated Schefflera is graceful with small, oval-shaped leaves spotted with yellow and cream variegation. This lush plant is known as the octopus plant due to its leaves arranged in a circular fashion in groups of five to nine leaflets. It’s easy-going, which makes it perfect to gift to a family member or friend in need of some greenery in their home, or simply to add to your own plant collection.


    - All our plants come in growing pots.

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