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Variegated Shell Ginger Plants are great indoor plants but we love to use them as outdoor seasonal accents in our annual flower plantings. They also look great in pots on a pool deck or patio. They can be overwintered in an unheated garage or basement and brought back outside in spring.

Shell Ginger Plant

SKU: 202314
  • Variegated Shell Ginger Live plantAlso known as Alpinia zerumbetAlpinia zerumbet, commonly known as shell ginger, is a perennial species of ginger native to East Asia.This is a herbaceous perennial in the ginger family.Variegated shell ginger is often grown as an annual in cool climates.The cultivar ‘Variegata’ is a smaller plant with gorgeous bold irregular striped foliage.

    - All our plants come in growing pots.

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