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If you are looking for a plant that will really add a 'wow' factor to your yard, the Sweet Viburnum shrub is an optimum choice. This easy-to-grow shrub offers dark green accents and beautiful fall colors with minimum maintenance-a win-win situation! 

Sweet Viburnum

SKU: 202304
  • The Sweet Viburnum growth rate makes it a great choice if you are looking to add beauty to your landscape quickly!The green foliage of the Sweet Viburnum bush is smooth textured and covered in dark green leaves. Tiny fragrant white flowers are held in loose, branching clusters that develop in early spring, are pleasantly sweet smelling, and cover the plant. The shrub's red berries turn to blue black and are attractive to birds, but they are sparingly produced in Florida. The red fruit appears later in the year as the plant exhibits beautiful fall foliage and gives viburnum excellent winter interest.The Sweet Viburnum hedge is a favorite among landscapers and gardeners to use as a framing plant due to the delectable springtime fragrance. The Sweet Viburnum growth rate is also why it's a favorite - it can grow 1-2 feet per year. The Sweet Viburnum height can grow very large - up to 25-30 feet tall and 15-25 feet wide at mature size making it a nice privacy hedge or windbreak.


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